best preamps

can someone recommend best preamps
A very general question will only yield a very general response. In addition, there is no "best", only a best for you. 
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Sorry, but I don't think your question is a good one. There is no "best." If there was, all of us would own the same brand of preamp!
The latest McIntosh C52 is a sleeper. Remember you have to use the included equalizer  to compare with other more ´´ tiped up ’´ preamps out there. Makes a good match with brighter speakers like Focal or Magico.

When you said unlimited budget, how far do you want to go? Are you looking to get just the linestage preamp or the entire setup and system? What are your current setup and system? Did you already have a setup or trying to start from scratch? 
Without knowing the rest of your gears, If you already have a setup, it's hard to make recommendations.