best preamps in the 4K-8K range

I'm looking for some opinions on preamps. My current system is: Ayre Cx-7 CD player, Arcam AV8 preamp, Cary 500 MB monoblocks (currently using arcam P7 preamp, but have the Carys on order), Dali euphonia MS4 speakers, Richard Gray Power. I find m current system nice, but slightly analytical, and not as 3-dimentional as I'd like. I'd also like some more musicality with a touch of warmth. I have been thinking about BAT, Cary, Herron and Pass labs preamps--some would need to be picked up used on audiogon to stay in my price range. I would certainly appreciate any thoughts on what might go well with my system from any audiogoners. Thanks

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Herron preamps are very neutral. Not sure there will be enough warmth there for you. I used to own a Joule Electra LA-100 MkIII (I compared it in my system with my friends Herron) which I felt was incredibly musical with just the right touch of warmth for my system. I ran it with a solid state amp. The LA-100 is actually a tad more neutral than most preamps I have heard, but if you get a chance, check into one of these or the newest version of the LA-150.