Best preamp under 5k for Krell amp

I have acquired a brand new Krell FPB 300c amp and with what little money I have left I need a preamp. I will be powering Martin Logan SL3 speakers. All advice appreciated.
Not to be difficult, but sell the Krell and reorganize your budget. You will get much better results. Martin Logans work well with Audio Research and Jadis amps in my experience. With Krell, you will need to wear SPF 45 when you listen.
Margaux, thanks for your response. Actually, I really like the Krell and would rather build around it. How about a speaker and preamp upgrade suggestion.
I have a Krell KSL pure class A line stage pre-amp that I know would sound fabulous. I used it with Apogees. Mine costs only $1100 ($2900 new). Seems like you want to spend more however.
I have a krell krs-2 (3-piece) unit that's currently at krell for servicing that I'm going to sell as soon as I get it back. The krs-2 works well with ksa-80b and the fpb-200. I'm currently using a KRC-2 / FPB200 with the B&W 801s and am very happy with the match.
Hi, I had the FPB 300 and think it's a good amp. Never heard it with electrostats, though. That being said, I think that you can find quite a few good preamps. Depends on your preference. Rowland Synergy is nice, as is the Levinson 38S/380 and a multitude of tube preamps. I've owned 12 preamps in the last 5 years, including many in your price range. Feel free to e-mail me privately. By the way, I don't have a Krell preamp to sell you.
i recommend a tube preamp, especially w/solid-state amp. if ya listen to cd, it will also make it much less fatigueing. personally, i really like my melos music director preamp (latest version of the ma-333). this can be had for way less than $5k, used.

re: speakers, i'd suggest trying newform research r645's or nhb645's check out the reviews on audioreview, & check out the www. i'm saving for these - i think they will be a steal at the price, even if purchased new. if not, there's a 30-day in-home trial, yure only out return-shipping if they're not for you...

A tube preamp is your best bet with most Krell amps. My two suggestions are the Audible Illusions 3a and the Hovland preamp. The AI can be had for around 2.2K, the Hovland, without phone, at about 4.6k.
I have a Krell FPB200 and am running it with a Sonic Frontiers Line 2 tube preamp, and it sounds great. The combination of solid state and tube is a good way to go. I know of a lot of other guys also running this combinatoion with good success. I have Dunlavy SCIV's, but I did listen to your set up ant a local dealer, and it sounded pretty good. Also, I am thinking of making the home theater jump (Meridian), so I might be selling my SF preamp.
audio8, don't sell the pre yust cuz yer gonna get the h-t rig - run it thru the processor bypass of yer pre. yer 2-channel audio will sound better that way...
Thanks to everyone for your informative posts. You have given my much to look into.
Tcmod, I think Proacman's suggestion on the Hovland is an excellent choice. If you feel the Krell could use a bit more body and dimensionality along with a seductive if not accurate tonality, this could be a great match.
I like the all tube Audio Research Preamps with Krell. Another solid state solution is the Pass Labs x-0 or x-1. They give you tube sound without the tubes. Good luck.
hi audiocaptain,

funny, i thought the melos music director was the best preamp, period... ;~)

regards, doug

I have M.L. Quest Zs with Krell amp & cd. I have had Sonic Frontiers Line 1,2,3 in my system with excellent results. All are listed on this site for less than 5K. I am now using the Line 3 & sold my Line 1 to a friend who has a pair of Sequels powered by a Krell amp. The Line 1 is excellent value for the dollar, the 2 has a bigger soundstage & the 3 has all the above plus bass to die for. Good luck in your decision.
To follow up on this thread,

does anyone have suggestions for a 2-channel preamp (tube or SS) for running with a Krell KSA-150 amp and Thiel 3.6 speakers? I want to keep the price well below $5K.
justin, see my 1st post above - i think melos preamps are *wery* nice. if the ma-333/music-director is too costly (~$2k used), thry the sha-gold/maestro, ~$1k used. even my thiel 3.5's, run from an integrated amp, driven by the tape-out of my melos, sounds better w/the melos driving it.
I have a Sonic Froniers Line 3 mated to a Krell KSA200S. For speakers I am using a pair of Ohm Walsh 300's. I am very happy with the way my system sounds.
I have Sony SACD to Morrison ELAD preamp to Kef Model 3-2's in dedicated 2 channel listening room with Bag End stereo bass support and after trying a dozen or more high end and ultra high end and you gotta be f...... Bill Gates high end preamps, both subjectively and by measurements, can say without peradventure or fear of contradiction, that the ELAD is as accurate as any preamp on the market(what goes in comes out) and is an absolute steal at <800 bucks US.
Perhaps this needs a new thread but:

I auditioned a KRC-3 with my system: Thiel 3.6s and KSA-150 amp. I liked the sound of it, soundstage, imaging etc. My brother thought it sounded too bright. When I talked to the dealer about this, he said it was most likely my source that was the problem. The KRC-3 is a neutral sounding preamp and will only transmit what it's receiving, he said. If there's brightness or errors in the source, the KRC-3 won't fix that. Anyone have experience with the KRC-3 and have opinions about it. Still on a quest for the right preamp for my system at the right price. Right now the Adcom GFP-750 is looking like the best bang for the buck.
justin, before committing to the adcom, i'd still give a melos pre a try... the sha-gold/maestro series can be had for about the same price...