Best preamp under $1000 for HOMC?

I currently own a Music Hall MMF7 with Benz Micro Ace H cartridge. My amp is a Primaluna prologue 2 and my current preamp is a Cambridge Audio 640p. I am trying to find a preamp that is more suitable for my cartridge as I feel like I am losing a lot of detail by running it on the MM setting of the preamp.

I've been looking at a Musical Surroundings Phenomena 2, but would love some input from more well-traveled audiophiles as to what route I should go with this. Most of the cartridges I have listened to and have liked have been HOMC, but It would be nice to get something that could support a LOMC or MM if necessary.

Thanks for any help and insight!
You'll get more answers in the Analog forum. In the meantime, what's your budget? The HOMC is sort of a redheaded stepchild given that it's output is too low for a regular MM/MI output and too high for a typical LOMC. Therefore I recommend something that's highly configurable such as the Musical Surroundings Phonomena II or the Jolida JD9A.

I upgraded from the Cambridge 640P to the Jolida and it's worlds better. Not only that, there are several settings for sensitivity, capacitance (for MM), impedance (for MC), and even two different output levels. It also has a whopping big power supply compared to the wall wart models and it's easily tweakable. I replaced the OEM 12AX7 tubes with NOS 5751 mil-spec Sylvanias, and on some models you can replace the standard $4 op-amps with $20 Burr-Browns. I plan to replace my op-amps in the next week or so. Word is that the op-amps make for a bigger improvement than the tubes (which are used to buffer, not for gain).

Whatever, the unit out of the box is an order of magnitude better than the 640P and it's only $450 list.