Best Preamp to Use With JeffRowalnd Model 2/BPS


I need some suggestions on the best preamp to use with
My JeffRowland. I am down to two choices Ayre or
Synergy. I welcome more feedback on this topic regarding
a matching Preamp for my Rowlands..

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I don't think anyone would disagree with me that when faced with those choices, it is best to go with the Synergy (i.e. same manufacturer for both pre and power amps). Like your Model 2, it was my experience that the Synergy II (not the new "i" revision) will be a better performer with a battery power supply.
I have a Model 2 with BPS. I recently upgraded from an Adcom GFP750 to a Pass Aleph P. I have 2 friends who owned Synergys. I borrowed one (before he went to a home-made BPS). It did sound good but my Pass is at least equal everywhere. The Synergy does look cool with the digital display... A used Aleph is 1/2 the price of a used Synergy, that did it for me.
I haven't heard or seen the Ayre...