Best preamp to use with electrostatic speakers...

What are the groups recommendations for a preamp (make & model)to use with Martin Logan Prodigy speakers and a Mark Levinson 336 amp?
How about a good passive? For under $500 you can make, assuming modest DIY skills, a passive using Shallco dual mono stepped attenuators, Holco resistors, good RCA's and internal wire, and have a preamp that will let more signal through undamaged than any active preamp. You do need sources with good outputs, but those are common these days. I got rid of a CAT SL-1 Signature Mark III with its signal path simplified at the factory for me, in favor of the kind of passive I've described, and I've never looked back. I love tube sound too--but you don't need it in a preamp if you have it in a power amp, in my experience.
I would keep it all Levinson. A Levinson 380S would be my choice. Has remote turn on for the amp and you will not have to worry about impeadance matching. Also the 380S is a wonderful sounding preamp.

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It might be informative to go to the Atma-Sphere Owners Group BBS site for recent discussions on passive preamps. Here 'tis:
I second the good passive (or active/passive) preamp approach! I've sold the Prodigy's (and all Logan's), and must say all tubes is not necessarilly the hot ticket! I like something like the Pass Labs Aleph P or L preamps (passive/active). They are completely passive up to a point, then kick into active. The preamps are extremely detailed and transparent through out! I think given the warmth of tubes and the logan speakers, you'll find this an attractive quality choice! You can find Pass L's for $800 range used, and P's for 1700 plus depending on remote/no remote. The P's have XLR connections, and the L's have RCA only. Good luck
Mark Levinson 336 is already a good investment for ML Prodigy and preamp in this case has to be matched between source components and power amplifier i.e. in some cases passive preamp would not be appropriate.
pass labs x-1 or x-2
I used a PS Audio 5.5 (with M-500PS), switchable passive/active preamp for years with great results on my Sequel II's. I used the straightwire section for critical listening in the evenings, and I'd switch the gain section in for HT or casual listening. The PS audio preamps also have a pretty good phono section too and the amplifier-sized separate PS really made a difference when going active.