Best preamp/proc for about $2k new/used

Hi all. I'm really into home theater, but am about 50/50 thtr/music... have a 55" TV with component ins. Would love the best quality preamp/proc for about $2k new or used... looked at B&K Ref 20, but no component video :-( anyone out there care to share ideas for a better/similar one? Does proceed make one in this price range that has DD/DTS and all the extras? Thanks all! -B
I recently purchased an EAD Theatermaster Encore new for a little more than 2k. You can certainly find one used for this price. I am very pleased with this unit. It does great on DD and DTS. What I am most pleased with is it in stereo. Additionally, the unit is stunning. You may also want to look at the Lexicon DC-1. I have seen used units with DTS and DD sell for $1800 and recently saw one at a major audio retailer new for $2600. good luck.