Best preamp match for Air Tight ATM-3s ?

Moving, constuction delays, etc. have kept me from listening to my components for several years. I have a custom made purist preamp for lps only, but have since acquired many cds and listen on a portable player. My new listening room will soon be ready. I want cd playing capability, so I require a linestage, but also would be interested in line/phono for lps too. I've seen favorable comments on the following : VTL 5.5, Joule Electra L-200, Aesthetic Calypso Saturn, First Sound Presence Mk.II, Hovland HP-100 and DeHavilland Ultra Verve. Among these, any recommendations for best synergy with my Air Tight ATM 3s ? Also, does anyone know of dealers or manufacturers that would allow me an in home audition ?
Try an Airtight preamp; there is one for sale right now. The VTL 5.5 is a great unit, too.
I agree with above, there's an Air Tight ATC-1 full-function preamp on here right now for $1900. I used to own the same pre and it was fantastic sounding, with an excellent mm phono-stage to boot. I would assume the synergy would be there given their the same brand. And if not that I would strongly recommend checking out Herron, I love my VTSP-1A. Good luck and happy listening!
I would suggest the Air Tight ATC-2 and an outboard phono stage. I have had both the Air Tight ATM2 and ATM3 amps in my system as well as the ATC-1 and now ATC-2 preamp.The ATC-1 preamp is very good....the phono section is for MM cartridge only. The ATC-2 is a big step up from ATC-1. You can find them used on A'gon. There are lots of phono sections to choose from that are good.....aesthetix Rhea, Benz Lucaschek PP-1, Sutherland PHD, Acoustec PH-1. In terms of local dealer to provide home auditions....depends on where you live.
The Hovland is supposed to a great Phono section. If you get one, remember that the Tape Loop is the most transparent input.
I've been using a Joule Electra LA150 with an Air Tight 300B with very good results. The Joule Electra has remote control which I don't think the Air Tight above does.