Best PreAmp match for a MC-7270?

Hello Audiophilers, like many, after hearing McIntosh products, I fell in love. So here I am now with a MC-7270; I'm hesitating on my PreAmp... C34/C31V/C41/C42 or C40. (Mostly I use CD player and phono and a tuner. Dont't watch TV very much). For the time being Bose 901VI would be hooked-up to the system, but maybe planning on something else later on.. Did some other reading on PRE/pwrAmp matching, some guys came up with a 10:1 or even a 100:1 ration between output/input impedance, is this only applicable to tubes or SS as well.. Looking at something bellow or around 2000usd.


The C34 would be the "era" match for the 7270. It's a great preamp. I think the newer ones would be better sonicly plus you get remote control. Your call.

I can't think of any Mac pre that won't match up with a Mac amp impedance wise so I wouldn't worry about the numbers plus there is alot more to it than just the ratio.
agree totally with onemug...enjoy.
Stay with C30 or newer,YMMV,good luck,Bob
That was my though too.. working around the years (era), don't care much for a remote, never actually own one! Previous system was a Carver MXR130, I think I will be going a couple notch up with MC7270 now, mind that the Carver gave me years of pleasure too.. Thanks for the input guys.. will process in my head for a little bit.. Roger for the ratio and numbers.. it will be a full McIntosh happy family!


I never been a fan of mac preamps; but I've owned 2 MC7270s and had great success pairing them with tube peamps from Conrad Johnson and Audible Illusions...

Good luck.
The thin line C712 is what I was going to do.
the C712 is great...completly neutral...solid phono stage too.
I've always preferred the sound of passives on my 7270. Vintage Mac preamps are too colored and IMO the new ones(C45, etc...) were not a good mix for me either.