Best preamp for YBA Passion 1000 mono blocs

Hi everyone,

I've just acquired a pair of YBA Passion 1000 mono blocs from one of my fellow last week and I'm now in the process of searching the best preamp to match them with. Previously, He had been using the matching Passion 1000 preamp but somehow he felt it was too bright, then he sold it and switched to tube preamp instead inwhich he told me it was far better matched with this big monos than YBA preamp itself.

That sound a bit strange to me since, from what I've heard, YBA gears are prone to system synergy and would work at its best only in conjunction with their own gears. However, I'd like to know if any of you has successfully been matching any tube preamp with YBA power amp. Any thought or recommendation??

I have used passion monoblocks with YBA passion preamp. I liked the combination very much.
What source are you running?

You could consider the preamp stage in an Audio Aero Prestige, or the one in the Audio Aero Capitole Reference. They are awesome, you just have to squeeze out the performance out of them ... but you won't need much else after that!

except perhaps a whest audio dap.10.

I hope you really enjoy those amps as they can produce some unbelievable sound. Real yet MUSICAL, perhaps not pure but IMMENSELY ENJOYABLE.

It seems strange that you found the passion amp/pre amp combo bright. YBA gear especially when used with other YBA gear is usually not considered bright. Is there a problem with the equipment possibly? Has anything been modified? The combo should sound stellar if all is well. What source(s) and cables are used? What output sockets on the amps are you using as each has a different damping factor? IMO I would have kept the pre amp.
Brightness in this case could have to do with wires, speakers or room acoustics.