Best Preamp for Wright 3.5's under $1000-used

About to get a pair of Wright 3.5's and am still on the fence as to if i am going to go active or passive.If i do go active can anyone suggest a great preamp to compliment this amplifier that they have found worked particularly well?I know the obvious choice is Wrights own preamp but i was wondering if there is even something else that may sound better.I am using large horn speakers with 103 Db sensitivity.I know if i go passive i am going to need the proper CDP to accomodate the passive set up.That's another thread but i was just wondering about peoples thoughts with the Wright 3.5's and with speakers such as mine if there were any recommendations for a great active pre for this set up out there?thanks
I'd suggest a Bottlehead Foreplay. They have just introduced version III of this preamp. If you're not up to building a kit, watch the ads here for a used Version II, since many people may be upgrading to the new version.

Another preamp that I've heard great things about is the Transcendant Grounded Grid, which is also reasonably priced.
Thanks for the suggestion jdombrow.I'll do some research on them.I definitely not up for the build,just up for some great sound.thanks again!