Best preamp for my Krell FPB 600

I was wondering what the best preamp would be for my Krell FPB 600 amp. Right now i have a Mark Levinson 38s preamp. Ive been told that it is not a good match for my Krell amp and for my Krell KPS20i cd player. Should i be looking into a Krell preamp for a match? If so what Krell preamp ? Dont need a phone stage btw. My system right now consists of the Krell FPB 600, Mark Levinson 38s , Krell KPS20i cd, Rega Saturn R cd , Krell BAFs ( bass alignment filters) B&W Matrix 800, Straightwire Crescendo speaker cable and interconnects. 
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"   Ive been told that it is not a good match for my Krell amp and for my Krell KPS20i cd player "

does it sound good to you ?    if it does, then why worry about what you have been told ?
addyson815  To me it sounds great and love the Mark Levinson 38s with my Krell fpb600. But when someone says that it is not a good match im wondering what i am missing if anything. You know what i mean? 
I hear ya but if it sounds good, then I would just leave it.       

were you told that this combo doesnt sound good in a forum or in general talk with someone ?             if in a forum, maybe that person tried it and to them they didnt like the sound of it....but there are also other parts of the system that could have been the issue ( cables, source, room , etc...).             If it was a person that you know, maybe invite them over to listen ?

Actually it was on my post from Rega Saturn r  vs Isis , that someone wrote about it the ML not being a good match with Krells 
A good match is in the ear of the beholder.

Over the last 15+ years that I have been perusing audio forums, and 30+ years reading glossy rags, I now realize that sometimes I agree with a writer, and sometimes I disagree.
No big deal if someone's opinion is different than yours. That's why they make so many different flavors.
You pays your money, you makes your choices.
Trust your ears. If it sounds good to you, it is good.
found that your going to listen to somebody that just joined the site this year and only has 2 replies ?????

jmcgrogan2  Thanks, thats very true. 
addyson815  I didnt realize he only had 2 replies and joined the site this year. But he might have knowledge to something i or we dont know about. 
Just looked at your system very cool! I concur with the above always trust your ears. And regarding your cd player I had a KPS20i back in the day, I remember it being very detailed and a nice match for my then overly warm system. I ditched it cause it couldn't read most CD-R's, these days I have hundreds of them if I ever need a coaster lol. Have fun and happy listening!
The ML 38S is an excellent preamp and will sound fine in ANY system!
The ML 38S is an excellent preamp and will sound fine in ANY system!

See, I cannot agree with this statement.
That is where synergy and subjectivity come into play.
Personally, I owned the ML 38S for a few weeks (over a decade ago), and I did not care for it at all. However, the gent that I bought it from loved it, and the gent that I sold it to loved it. So I would never say that it was bad gear, it just didn't suit my system/tastes at that point in time.

So it's all about system synergy and personal tastes. That is why I told the OP to just enjoy what he has if it sounds good to him. 
I did not mention my poor experience with the 38S, because that is irrelevant.

From my experiences, ALL gear can sound great with the right ancillary equipment. There is no one piece that sounds great with everything, just as there is no one piece that sounds terrible with everything.
It's all subjective, and system dependent.

+1 @jmcgrogan2 synergy is everything!
I have a couple of Krell EV 600's. Love their sound and strength. I like a tube preamp, although no matter how much u spend, at least in my experience, you're always going to have "tube rush."  When my system is "at rest" my Aesthetix Signature preamp puts out around 5 db of sound over what is heard when muted. From my experience, your power amp will merely amplify what's being put in to it.  If you're in to classical music, or anything with a lot of very quiet passages, u may want a SS preamp. I just installed some RCA quad matched 12ax7's low noise tubes I bought from Vintage Tubes and still have a somewhat significant noise floor, but can only be heard when music isn't playing. It depends on your particular taste. To me, tube preamps, have more of a fuller and buttery sound. 
I have the Absolare tube preamp and I don't hear any tube noise when I place my ear to the speaker. I also don't get a buttery sound. I have heard the Aesthetix preamp in my system and I agree that it is a warmer sounding preamp. I did not like it in my system, but I love the Aesthetix Io phono stage which is what I use.
handymann, the absence or presence of the noise that you mention is not (necessarily) due to your tubes. I have one all tube preamp and a tube integrated and both are dead quiet even with they volume all the way up - of course with no music played. And in your case, changing tubes will probably not solve your issue since the "noise" is mostly due to the transformer design and the gain matching between the preamp and the amp. Tubes themselves, if relatively new and from a decent brand don't contribute much to the noise floor.