Best preamp for Low output Grado Cartridge

Hello Guys,

Apart the good Grado PH1 Phono Stage (I already own this for my Grado Statement Master) anyone tried good phono preamps for Grados Statement 0.4mv serie?

As I wrote in my previous thread I'm searching for a better phono stage than the Grado PH1 , but someone says a good MC phono stage doesn't work well on the low output Grados cos these aren't MC cartridges
At this point I'm thinking to keep the Grado phono stage and stop to search for any other phono preamp.

Thanks for your suggestions & opinions

And ... Merry Christmas to EveryOne

PS Audio GCPH with Level 1 MODs (Underwood). Now I have not made up my mind on this phono stage although I have had it 7 or 8 months, because I could not get acceptable performance while playing records. Regardless of cartridge (mm, mc, mi), sound was too thin and mechanical. Well Saturday I put my Grado Staement Series Master back on. When I had tried it before, it had many of the characteristics I wrote before, plus also dull and boring. This time it sounds excellent with very smooth lifelike mids and fairly extended bass. I did select the highest gain setting this time (65db?). Now, the turntable sounds better than the CD player.
Any other suggestion/opinion? :-(