best preamp for krell amp and cd

i have krell sacd standard cd player
krell FPB 250 M mono block amp
magnepan 1.6qr speaker and rel storm sub
counter point sa-2000 tub preamp
I on process shopping for preamp in the price range 2000-3000$.My choice are
1) BAT -V5i
2) krell KRC-3 or KRC-HR or KCT(out off price range but can push up)
3) sim audio P-5
4) audio research LS-25
I would apreciate for all advice . Should i used tub preamp or solid state and what is the best preamp for my system. thanks
I have Krell FPB 250M and use the krell KRC-HR ppreamp. Great synergy since they are from same company. A used Krell KRC-HR is on sale on Audiogon often, and at a reasonable price of $2500-3000 depending on condition. I bought mine off Audiogon and could have never bought it new with a price of $8500.
I agree with Mark. Since you are not running Cast, the KRC-HR is your best bet, regardless of price.

Thanks guy, do you think Kav-280P will better than krc-hr?