Best preamp for Jadis DA-5 under 2,5k

Hi there, I'm looking for preamp reccomendations for my Jadis DA-5 under 2,5k.

Looking for a natural, vivid, open and grain free sound.
Could err a bit on the warm side, no problem.

Tubes in the Jadis are svet6550C, amperex orange globe 12AU7 and sylvania black plates 5751.

For the preamp I'm currently using an ARC LS7 with NOS amperex USN 6922 white label which I find it a bit thin and closed with detail a bit smeared.

Rest of my system is:

- Taylo ref monitors
- Benchmark DAC1
- Arcam 250 transport
- Nordost red dawn cabling and silver shadow for digital between transport and dac

Unfortunately I don't have the chance to audition a lot of preamps in my area so your input will be highly valued.

Thanks in advance!

If you're only looking for a line stage, I'd suggest a used Jadis JPL or Lamm LL2. Either would be a significant step up sonically from the LS7 (which I actually like quite a bit), and both mate well with Jadis amplifiers and are consummately musical. If you need a phono stage in your preamp, perhaps an Audible Illusions. You might also want to consider, if it is possible in the DA-5 as it is in some of Jadis's other amps, replacing the 6550s with KT88s or EL34s, if you don't mind ering on the warm side.
I have a Jadis Da-8 with svet 6550Cs. My pre-amp is a First Sound Deluxe Mk1. They sound pretty good together. ALthough of course, you need to tube roll to attain the sound you like. I use Amperex 6dj8 Bugle Boys with my FIrst Sound.

The Deluxe mk2 retails for $4k. BUt they can be found used in the $2k range.

For more info about the newer First SOund, please go to the following link:

Good luck.
Rcprince: Funny you should mention the output tubes as I am actually waiting for a quad of EH KT88 from Upscale audio...

Jadis France confirmed that they were ok to use with DA-5 but will need rebias.
EPs and Rcprince: Thanks for your great suggestions.
From the research I made each of them should make a good match for the Jadis.

Now on another note, I have the chance of buying a Aesthetix Callisto MKII from my country - Portugal for around 5k.

I know it's over budget if someone has any experience with it please let me know.

Get it, if you can afford it. Only concern you'd have there is it has a lot of tubes (heat and occasional tube replacement), but it's one of a handful of great line stages out there. Won't tend towards the lush or romantic like a Jadis JP80 would in that price range, though, it's a little dark but closer to neutral than the others I mentioned.
Well, I am a poor but happy man...

I just got the Aesthetix Callisto MKII that took things to a completely different level. Know I may just have to rethink my whole system to keep up with it.

I will post my findings after I get to know it a bit better.