best preamp for cj premier8 mono

what is the sweetest fatest midrange preamp combined with kharma ce-1.0's?
There is a CJ 16ls for sale in audiogon right now. An $8000 preamp selling for $4000 & only 3 months old... seems like a good deal to me. In addition, I know that dealer. He's very reputable. You can't do much better than that plus you know it's going to have synergy with your 8's. Hope this helps.
Hello merle, I was just wondering why you sent me such a nasty e-mail concerning my Cary 805s. I have never heard of you and I don't have a clue who you are or do I care. Next time you have somthing to say to me try acting like a man. Until then I will leave you with these words that only you will understand. Ga Ga Goo Goo.