best preamp for CJ MF2500a at 2000 to 2500 dollars

got a MF2500a coming heard nothing but good things about it. I want a tube pre to pair with the SS amp. my preamp budget is 2500 tops, but would prefer something at 1000 to 2000. anybody use a cary94 or cary98 with this amp? premier 14 or premier 18ls or 17ls? pv-14l mkII? at the top end would be a new CJ ET3 at 2500 dollars. speakers are proac response 2.5 and I also have a pair of ascends serria 1 to play with. I see there is a aesthetix calypso in my range - any thoughts?
I would go for the ET3; this is the newest and most improved CJ technology. This will be a great sounding system!
I had a 2500A paired with the PV-14l MKII for awhile. The 2500A was a nice revelation to me. I eventually changed for a Coda class A amp that came along and made a very happy new owner of a 2500A. The 2500A is not the most neutral and transparent machine and it was designed as such. But in no way can it be considered lush or overly warm. Typical of the CJ signature 10 yrs ago. The power was more than enough to drive hungry Acoustat speakers so should be ample to drive the PRO AC. But the rooloff at both extreme frequencies might not bring the total resolution capacity of the 2.5s. And might also impose a limit on transparent pres like the Calypso. But all is a matter of taste and music preferences.

The PV-14 was my first tube preamp. It opened my taste for tube sound but it won't stand any comparison with the Calypso which I also tried in my system. Another pre that I tried with the 2500A is a VTL 5.5. It's signature was very much alike the PV-14 but with a lot more dynamics and resolution.

Considering your budget, I would aim for a former glory like a used Premier 17 which should mate well with the 2500A. The Calypso would also represent a good value, it is such a beautiful looking machine.

PS : Make sure the 2500A has enough air flow around to keep it from overheating. It is not a class A amp but it still needs air flow. Believe me, I blew up enough fuses to find out about it. Once I did, never had a problem with it, never again.

Me, I'd definitely go with the Calypso. But then, I have one :-)

In the CJ range, take a pass on the Premier 14 and maybe look for a Premier 17LS2 (the "2" is important here). Main reason I switched from the 17LS2 to the Calypso is that I needed a polarity switch on the remote. But I think it's also a better sounding linestage.