Best preamp for CAT JL2 amplifier

I will be using ARC LS15 with CAT JL2 for a while (and damn! will have to use XLR to RCA adaptors) . But I know, sooner or later I'm going to change the pre-amp. What is a best preamp for CAT JL2 amplifier?
You might get more responses if you posted this in the appropriate forum.....

I'll be looking into this myself in the near future, starting with the current CAT preamps. I don't have any information to share at the moment, unfortunately.
PS, I just remembered that Audiogon member Jafox posted some related information on a previous thread. As I recall, he ended up using Aesthetix stages with the Signature version of JL-3s. You should be able to locate the posting in an archive search.
Hovland and Jadis JP S2 work well with the Cat JL2. I also suspect the Audio note preamps will sound excellent and be a good match. I did not care for the Cat Ultimate Mk 2 mating with the JL2 but others may feel diferently or have a different view.

Eavr11: I tried several times yesterday to reply to your message to me earlier this week but my cable ISP kept responding back that your email address provider was not accepting the message. So earlier today, I sent my reply to you through the A'gon system. My reply was not in response to the LS15 that you are using. If you would like more detail with this model, send me another note.
42659, This is not the first time I have heard it said that the CAT Ultimate is not a particulary good match with the CAT amps - althought it seems strange that they would not work well together. Can you clarify what it was about the combination that you found disappointing? What did the Hovland and Jadis "bring to the table" when used with the CAT amp? Thanks.
For the last two months I have done some serious comparisons of the Aesthetix Io/Callisto vs. the CAT Ultimate II driving CAT JL-3 Signature amps. There are significant differences here with each "preamp" having strengths over the other. Both preamps greatly benefit from the replacement of their stock Sovtek tubes. A more fair comparison would be with the upcoming CAT Legend preamp which I hope to try out sometime this year.

I can see how there would be two camps on which was the "better" preamp: one camp saying the other side is too warm and euphonic; the second camp saying the other side is too analytical.

I do not view this as an issue of the two CAT products "not working well" but rather a matter of personal taste. I think we get too focused to seek a consensus on what is "best" rather than to assemble a system for ourself that once we start the music, we play for hours and hours and hours.