Best preamp for Cary 805C monos

Hi everyone,
What preamp is best match for Cary 805C monos? Tube or SS?
Decide to sell my Plinius m16 preamp.
I order Avantgarde Duo, have Plinius 14 phono stage. Analogue is SME 20 / SME V / Shelter 90X, digital Accuphase DP85.
Listen jazz & classical only. ICS are Wireworld Gold Eclipse, speaker cables Wireworld Eclipse. Maybe recommendation for different cables? Thanks.
Greetings from Croatia
Greeting from Michigan (USA):
I prefer a tube pre-amp because you can tweak the sound by rolling tubes. Solid State offers less flexibility and you're only recourse is rolling cable for tone control. I understand the Cary SLP98 is a good choice. My favorite IC is DH Labs Silver Revelation; favorite speaker cable is Nordost Blue Heaven. Are good tubes readily available in
Croatia? How's the spring weather there?
Best wishes,
I second the recommendation of the Cary SLP98. I use one with the 805Cs and Avantgarde Unos and have been very happy with the combination. I tried out a BAT VK3i for a few months, but I felt the SLP98 had better detail and a nicer midrange "bloom". I did swap out the factory-installed oil filled coupling caps in the SPL98 for Hovland Musicaps, which improved transient response and detail.
I have Stage III Concepts Baron interconnects and Nordost Red Dawn speaker cables, but haven't really spent much time looking at alternatives.
I haven't heard the Cary 805C monos, unfortunately, but I do own a Cary SLP98 & love it........

Keep all your cables they are reference quality especially the Gold Eclipse.

Try a conrad-johnson 17LS Series 2 pre-amp for compatability. This piece is also reference quality.

You have a nice system! Good luck!