best preamp for ayre mxr


considering to upgrade from my k1x (i have a pair of mxr). Is the obvious choice the kxr, or would a different approach work (like a EAR 912) ? Anyone tried different matches ?
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With the MX-R I have used the K5, Meridian 861 and vtl 6.5....most likely will end up with KX-R
I believe the MXR - KXR combo to be one of the biggest no brainer's around. I've had my amps for two years and my KXR since March and I've never had a moment's doubt about either choice. IMO, the KXR is the bigger step forward in any event, so if you have and like MXRs, you'll be pleasantly surprised by what is yet to come. Cheers!
I am very happy with the ARC Ref-3 matched with the MX-R. They did not introduce the KX-R until after I purchased. The combination is remarkably neutral and accurate.....Steve
Thanks to all. Well, I went for the kxr... really great match, and an even better buy than the mxr...