Best Preamp for a Krell FPB ?

Which pre would be suitalbe, need some suggestions.
Krell FPB 200....Speakers are Eggleston Works - Andra

Audio Research

Some of these maybe? Would appreciate any suggestions.
Hi. I owned a Krell FPB 300 and here is the pre-amp progression I went through. Started with Krell KSP-7B. Replaced with Krell KRC-HR. Replaced it with Krell KRC-3. Finally replaced with ARC LS-25 MkII. I liked the ARC LS-25 MKII driving ProAc Response 3.5 and then ProAc D38s best. Best mid-range, more air in treble range. The best Krell was the KRC-3 IMHO. It's a current source product like the FPB amps. Put a good power cord on it and connect it to a good power conditioner and you have a really good solid-state pre. The Krell combination had great bass.
My favorites have been the Singlepower SDS-XLR and VTL 7.5 for tubes. The Singlepower Transparency and Ayre K-1XE for solid state.
If you have CAST then the KCT is a given.
The current Krell KAV-280p Preamp. sounds great with the FPB Amplifiers, when connected in balanced mode (neither are CAST). The KCT offers little sonic improvement over the 280p in balanced-mode, with the FPB-200 or -300 Amps., based on what I have heard.