Best Pre1L tubes?


I just tried doing a search and didnt come up with any results. So here is my question.

I have a Anthem Pre1L in front of a PS Audio Delta 200 amp, driving Hales REV3 speakers.

I want to upgrade from the factory tubes in the Pre1L. Can someone recommend some tubes for the Anthem?.


I have the same preamp and would also like to know what some people think about tube upgrades. I have also been wondering if there are any other mods that have succesfully been done to the Pre1L.

There are a few threads on tube rolling the Pre1L over at Audio Asylum if you're up for looking around. I had a few bookmarks saved, but ever since AA went down a few days ago they havn't worked.

Sorry i couldn't help at all!
Perry and Ketchup-

I had this preamp a few years ago, and the tubes that I liked the best were the Mullard tubes. For me, they seemed to give me just enough detail and bottom end was just as good. I am sure others will have other suggestions besides the Mullards.

Hope this helps,
The links now work