Best pre under 2000 for Quicksilver

I'm putting together a tube system and I have decided that I want Quicksilver Silver mono 60 amps. ( mostly becuase my friend is selling them ) In recent years I have heard Rogue, CJ, SF, BAT, ARC Cary and Melos. I have never heard Audible Illusions, or Kora but I would be interested. But it has been awhile so my memory is a bit faded as far as matching a pre.

I plan on running a Cal Ikon MKII source with either Monitor Audio, Silverline Audio, Acoustic Energy, or PSB speakers.( 2 way models between $900-$1500 new ) BTW, my room is about 10x14.

soooo... I like the Quicksilver mid range but I would like the pre to not only complement it but also help it with it's bass. I don't like the " in your face sound " but I would like to maintian as much of the data sent by the source as possible. From what I have heard from local people I should stay away from ARC unless it is something like a SP-8 or SP-16.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Joule Electra Mk3.
I noticed you have only got one response from your post, while other posts got all the attention. But who knows? Maybe your questions required the audiophiles to think :) Please except my apology on behalf of everyone who is ignoring you.

Any of the pre-amps you have listed will work. You need to make a decision on how sweet you want to keep your Quickies sounding. I find ARC to be a bit to cold, to analyzing. But I understand the SP-16 uses the 12AX7, which happens to be the tube that comes in the Quicksilver pre. The BAT VK3i is a little sweeter but still gives a nice all around performance. I haven't heard any of the new CJ pre's but the PV 10, 11, 12 would work nicely but it won't be as open as the BAT. BTW, some of these are a bit over $2000.

If your talking about SF I'm assuming your talking about Anthem or something used. I find them to be a little cold as well, but still it's better than SS. The Audible Illusions ( L-1 ) would work quite nicely with the quicks as well, they have a good base ( which I think the Quick's lack ) and a very nice overall sound stage. Melos ( Sha-Gold ) is not making pre's ( that I am aware of ) so you will need to buy it used. I find Melos to be a bit warmer/darker than the SF. But still quite good. I have heard the Rogue 66 recently and I think you would be mildly surprised if you heard it, this pre also has a good bass. For the money this might be the best in it's class.

I have never heard Cary or the Joule, so I can't comment. I guess if I were you I would try to demo some of these with your favorite cd's and with your amps hooked to them. But just off the top of my head. I would go with the pre's in this order. BTW, John Rutan from audio connection a lot of these brands ( including Quicksilver ) He is quiet knowledgeable and very helpful. No connection with me in case your wondering.

Rogue 66, BAT VK3i, Audible Illusions L-1 L-2 ( or M3A ) , Melos Sha-Gold. The rest are a toss up. Get some good cables, hook it all up to a pair of Silverline SR-15's and you'll be in hog heaven!
I use a Quicksilver full-function pre-amp that was made from 1989- 1995? It sounds outstanding and would mate
great with the Quicksilver amps. This pre-amp can be bought on Audiogon for $1,000 or less used. It also has a quality phono section.
Actually, I found the quicksilver pre to be a little dry at the top. I ran a pair of M-60s with a VAC CLA-1 and after that with BAT VK3i. Both of these definitely bought out the bass that the M-60's lacked, and made the mid-range even sweeter. The VK3i can be bought between $1000-$1300 used here on audiogon.