best pre/pro under $5,000

New or used...I have seen and heard the proceed, krell, and theater grand III. Not sure if I should be looking in another direction. Need to have a 2nd zone for multi room listening. I do 50/50 2 channel and movies. Would love to spend closer to $3,000 if possible. I have read about the Classe 75 and the McIntosh MX 134, but have not reviewed mysef. As always your comments are appreciated
Looks like Krell is offering a killer deal that might fit your budget.
This processor is one of the best available.
EAD TM 8000 PRO, should able to get one here in Audiogon for around $4000.
Theatergrand III is one that you should find and check out, I have the theatergrand II, sunfire took a great product and made it even better. Has it all, easy to use, and is a very good two channel pre to boot.
You might want to take a look at this thread regarding the Outlaw Pre-Pro. While i'm not suggesting the Outlaw is the best for your budget, the person that posted this review also included their thoughts on quite a few other pre-pro's that they've had. Sean
the krell deal is a good one. If you want to go in another direction, i can second the ead recommmendation. Easy to set up and very musical. good luck. Mike.
I also think the EAD is a good pre/pro and very musical, I like mine. It does lack sophisticated audio/video switching and also lacks a 2nd zone.
Integra Research RDC-7
I second The Integra Research RDC-7. I own it. You can read a review of it online at Stereophiles Guite to Home Theater FEB 2001.
I am surpriced that no one mentioned Antehm AVM-20 v2.0 or B&K Ref50 yet. You don't have to spend all $5k if you don't need to, right?
no I don't...I have always been interested in the Sunfire Cinema Grand III and have read nothing but mostly positive reviews. I think I may give it a try. The Anthem also reviews positively but the complaint I have read is it is a little technical for non-techies like my wife...
Just got an Anthem AVM-20 v2.0, my wife learned to use the remote in about 20 mins.

After the preamp is properly setup, the only thing to select is the desired input, vol control and channel control. Don't even need to power on or off because there is a timer for that.

The included remote is able to control 5 additional equipments: TV/Sat/VCR/DVD/CD. If you have two Sats, you will have to manually program each commands. For example, I have two Sat receiver but no CD player, so CD becomes second Sat.

Most name brand componets are in pre-programmed commands, so only have to select the right code # for the equipment.

I'd say that the the Integra Research RDC-7 is the one to beat for under $5,000. Fit and finish is first rate, and the sound is very natural and detailed. I owned a TGIII(actually 3 of them) and I really can't knock it, it's a great piece(very warm sounding), and very easy to use. Just be aware that some of the new ones might exhibit an audible popping problem with 5.1 sources, that's due to a faulty chip(this issue is currently being addressed btw).

EAD theater master 8000 pro
the best proc in the world!
Do yourself a favor- Go EAD be it a used and upgrade it or new. You will be a happy camper and you will without a doubt smoke the three you listed!
EAD Clearly Comes Out on Top for sound quality and looks. Not for ergonomics though...

I am a EAD owner.

Good Luck.
B&K Reference 50 is hands down the best PRE/PRO on the market for under $5000.00. I would invite you to read some reveiws on the unit. I have yet to see a review that found anything wrong with it. I have owned mine for several months and can not be happier. I will never need to upgrade.
I'm in Ejliu camp. The Anthem AVM-20 is simply
one of the best pre/pros at any price.