Best pre or line drive for a Conrad Johnson MV60

Running a Rega Apollo and Von Schweikert VR-2s. May add vinyl later on. Would like to keep the cost under $1,000.00. Any thoughts? Solid state or tube? Thank you!
I would stick with any of the older model conrad johnson. Should be able to get any of the pv14's or ealier for around that. The only one I've ever heard any thing bad about is the 10. Other than that you should be good. email cj and they would tell you, look on a'gon for pre's in your price range and email them a list, they will give you honest answer. I have the pv14L but running SS cj amp now premier 350. If I keep the 350 I'll upgrade to the CT5 pre amp later. Auditioning the 350 now.