Best Pre+Monos for Dynadio Contour 60? >No tubes

Soon I will be selling my current system except speakers and want to ask you guys what in your opinion would be best for my Dynaudios. Please only answers from ppl that heard them. What I am considering the most atm is Pass Labs XP-22 with two XA 100.8.
Fast, snappy amplifiers with good bass control. I'd look at Bryston, Simaudio, Audionet and Spectral.

Pass amps are too laid back with underdamped bass for Dyns IMO.
Thanks, I will definitely have a listen to Bryston BP26 and 7B3! I think Audionet with it’s microprocessors is to fancy for me. Simaudio rather very expensive stuff. Spectral too exotic where I am living.
No need for the 7Bs, a 4B3 would be enough for the 60s as they're pretty sensitive @ 89dB and a flat 8 Ohm impedance with a narrow dip to 4.5 Ohm @ 200 Hz. These are easy to drive speakers.
I owned the Contour 60's for a while and ultimately had them paired with a Pass Labs XP12 and 250.8.

It was a nice combo.  I would look for an amp that opens up the soundstage on those.  While the specs look like they are pretty easy to drive, honestly power is your friend with those.  

@dep14 what did you change to (from Pass)?
I am currently evaluating Contour 30 with Pass X150.8 and Audio Research Ls27. Pass was brand new so still breaking in.
I have a Meitner MA1 and i am finding that i can only set gain to Low if i run whole chain balanced (excessive gain...the Meitner puts out ~6V XLR).

Sounds great so far though. I just came from a Luxman 507ux, which was best integrated I've ever heard.

@dep14 would also like to know. :)
I am gonna need to have a listen to mcintosh too.