Best pre for MC275 amp

Hi, I just bought a MAC MC275 power amp brand new. I want to get a preamp that has plenty of gain so I can drive my
Revel B15A sub hard. Am considering the AI Modulus 3, the CJ 17LS, and the MAC C2200. Also the VAC standard. I have heard that you can turn the Modulus 3 way up loud and it stays clean sounding. I don't want to have to turn the sub all the way up. I listen to a lot of 60's and 70's recordings that can be weak sounding. My Revel sub will bring out the bass if it's there. I bought the MC275 because it has gain controls. This way I can crank up my sub and turn down my main speakers to a comfortable level.
I almost bought the MAC pre, but I want to make sure. I want something that sounds great and will be reliable. I don't want something too bright or hard sounding. My ears are pretty sensitive. I have the Gallo ref 3's. Thanks.
I'm in the same boat as you. Just installed 2 of these into my system and now I'm shopping for a pre-amp. Based on some extensive listening, I would rank my choices (to date) as follows:

VAC Renaissance
VAC Standard

The issue with VAC is that it'll take a month to get but the good news is that they have a solid top (no venting) so you can stack right on top if you have to. I don't really have the space for the McIntosh so if I go that route, I'll have to sacrifice another component for the space.
I don't mean to hijack this thread but I have to recommend very strongly against stacking gear, especially tube gear, no matter what kind of top it has. I can sympathize with space constraints, I live with them myself, but you must allow tube gear, both amps and preamps, sufficient room to breathe or you risk significantly shortening the life of critical components. Sermon ended, please continue the preamp discussion.
Thank for the heads up. I'll follow your advice - for what these things cost, it better live a long and happy life :0)
The C22 re-issue from the 90s is also a good choice. My MC275 SS is hooked up to one,using the balanced outputs.
I like the look better than the C2200.
Heavenly match for my CAT ultimate pre and MC-275 in mono. The bass is deep and amazing.
c22 II is the ideal choice. the two combined are perfection
How about one of those Supratek's? There is no dealer but I hear that they are really nice even for CDs although their strength seems to be in the phono stage.