Pardon me:
I want to know what amplifiers is BEST for my Diva Utopia speakers. My purpose is HT for my kids and Music for me.
These are the amplifiers in mind or consideration:
* YBA1 (2 channels)
*Sim Audio Moon Titan Multiple channels (HT)
*Chapter Audio 2+ (2 channels)
What pre/processors are recommended when choosing any of the above amplifiers for my speakers and my goal?
Pre/Pro in mind
* Bel Canto Pre/Pro
* Proceed AVP2
First of all why all the processors which are discontinued?

You can buy a superior processor which offers remarkable video performance in the Anthem Statement line of processors.

If music really matters buy a good tube preamp with a theater bypass is the way to go and use a great five channel amplifier or a two channel three channel varition.

I have the Plinius Odeon and it is amazing sounding!
I recommend and use Arcam with my Divas. I have the FMJ AV-8 pre/pro and P-7 amp. Works wonderfully for both movies and music. Amp is essentially dual monoblocks in stereo mode. Could not be more happy.
The BEST? My guess is that for two channel the Wavac SH-833 would probably sound nice and bring out all that the Diva's can deliver. Might be a little overkill but it would be about the BEST.
Why those discontinued processors?
I am not an audiophile at all but I have been reading
about them. They say about them: "superb" for Music and HT.
Could you give me at least 3 "combos" (PROCESSORS/AMPLIFIERS that will mate and take advantage of the DIVAS speakers.
Recommendation please about cables with each "Combo". I heard that we should not pay too much for cables
because there is more "profit " for those who sell them than the difference with them in regard to the sound queality. True?
Thanks everybody
In need of your opinions and recommendations. I am building my system
I forgot. I will prefer no tube pre/pro or amplifiers.
McIntosh MC402, MX135 and MC207 will have you covered. Sounds great with all Utopias and is trouble free and bomb proof.
Thanks everybody for answering and helping me.
What is your opinion of the following equipments for my Diva Utopia speakers.
Remember my goal is HT and Music.
Which one is best:

* Chapter Audio 2+
* Sim Audio Moon Titan HT 200 refer.200x5
* Krell TAS.
Please do not forget recommendations for cables, speakers and interconnectors.

The McIntosh and the other gears recommended are in consideration.
In need of your opinion or recommendation.
I am planning to get the Bel Canto Pre/Pro and the Ayre
V 5xe for my Jm Lab Diva Utopia.
Please let me know.
What do you think about this combo.
My goal is music and HT
don't know about Bel Canto, but Ayre should be a good match wit Diva. I heard it at a dealer recently and liked it alot.

I have heard the Ayre amplifier it is good, but the Plinius Odeon is a far better match with the Diva's.

The Odeon is really warm and full bodied, quite frankly this is an amazing amplifier, one of my customers has the Diva's with the Anthem and a Cary Cinema Five and that combination also sounds really good. We did a side by side comparison with the Odeon and the Odeon is in another league.

The Bel Canto pre pro is very good sounding but discontinued. I would recommend you get a pre/pro from a company that is planning on a longer lifecycle.

I would go with the Anthem which sounds quite excellent and has incredible support and is upgradable.