Best pre-amp with built-in phono stage under 10K?

There seem to be a renaissance in this area. Among others, EAR has the 912 and Cary has the SLP-05. Both mentioned in TAS a few months ago but little info on them. I have been reading up on the Steelhead also which has one input and more can be added using the "switcher."

I need about 5 inputs. I am looking for something for my Art Audio PX-25 and I am wondering if there is something that is pretty much state of the art without going to separates. Remote control and high quality mc input a must, tubes would be preferred, mono and phase switching and balanced inputs close behind.

Having never auditioned the Supratek line of tubed pre-amps, there seems to be quite a following and the user reviews are spectacular. The phono section can handle any low-med output mc.

I read that you can have a unit made to your, with remote, mono switch (wish I had that feature), balanced/unbalanced ins/outs, etc...

I wish I could actually hear one for myself!!

How about the Ayre K-1XE? New it is $8,600, with remote and phono boards. (Used it is about $4-5,000, depending on version and options. I paid $4K for mine (used) with remote and phono boards.)

While it does not have the tubes that you prefer, it does have:

A remote (Volume and mute only)

Top notch phono boards - (Adjustable gain, up to 70 db, and adjustable loading. I have used both a Koetsu Rosewood Signature (0.4mv) and Shelter 90X (0.6mv), so it should should handle pretty much any low output mc cartridge).

6 inputs - 3 balanced and 3 single ended, (Note that the phono boards use one of the balanced inputs.)

This preamp is pretty close to state of the art, in my humble opinion. It has a very low noise floor for both the line stage as well as the phono boards. I much prefer this preamp and these phono boards to my old ARC LS-2 preamp and PH-3 phono preamp. (I grew tired of hearing the tube rushing, albeit only audible during quiet passages.)

My two cents worth. Good luck in your search!
Accuphase preamps C275, or the C275V have every feature that you mentioned (except for tubes of course) and several other nifty control features as well. $10K list I got mine for about half price including the versatile integral phono stage. Tube-rush noise was not on my list of desirable sonics either Kurt.
Supratek. Second place is a toss up.
Either the Aesthetix Janus or the Ayre K1xe. Both are mighty fine preamps.
Anyone know if the EAR or Supratek's are all point to point wired? And don't start shouting at me that I'm in the wrong camp on this.
Supratek is point to point. Email me for an inside view of the Grange.
the Aesthetics Janus is a no brainer , the Superb Calypso
is well know as is the Rhea phono stage ,in one box it is
a best buy for sure !