Best pre-amp w/phono for $1000-$1200 USED/MINT

Will soon be looking for a pre-amp with (hopefully) MM/MC phono stage. Can spend $1000-1200 for used/mint condition unit. Can be either tube or SS, but most inportantly, it must musical, quiet, and very compatible with amp. Remote and balance control would be nice, but not a dealbreaker. Pre-amp will be mated with a Wyred4Sound ST-500 stereo amp to drive Acoustic Zen Adagios speakers. So far have "only" read reviews of the Quad 99 and Rogue Metis pre-amps....... Thank you, Jim
Classe 30, Classe 45, Bryston BP26(might be overbudget)
In my experience, the Classé CP-50 is a significant improvement over the CP-45 and lower numbered models, and can be found within the $1K to $1.2K range. If you can't find one with the internal phono stage, just use an external phono preamp like the Musical Fidelity V-LPS or Cambridge Azur 640P. You can always upgrade the phono preamp later.
PS Sunnyjim, there is a CP-50 listed for sale here on A'gon right now that is within your budget range.
SJ: I started a similar thread last week (though limited to SS), check it out, maybe some helpful suggestions in here for you as well.$1000

Good luck!
Thanks guys. Will check out especially Tihiii recent thread. Jim
Conrad Johnson PV-12 W/phono is in that range. They go fast.
Someone is asking $1300, for an Audible Illusions M3A with phono, not sold yet.
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You could do a lot worse than the Mapletree Audio Design
Ultra 4A SE with separate tube regulated power supply. About your price brand new, direct from Canada.