best pre/amp tube combo for under 3500?

I have energy veritas 2.3 speakers, well tempered classic with black platter and tone arm, cary 303/100 cd player and a plinius 8200m2 amp. I'm interested in upgrading to tube separates for a warmer sound. The pre I'm considering the most is an audible illusion 3a and the amp is a conrad johnson primier 11a. I might jump up to the primier 12. Also the Audio research 100 monos. All advice regarding individual components and how they work together is greatly apprciated.

I think you should consider a CJ tube pre-amp (17ls) to match up with the CJ amps you are considering. Better system matching is the goal although the audible solutions should not present a problem. If your budget is 3500 for both my suggestion would put you over the edge. Just a thought!!!!!!!!!!

Check out

I've heard nothing but good things about these giant killers. They've got a huge selection of Pre-amps, Amps, Hybrids, DACs, etc( all tubed ). They literaly have about 50 pre amps starting at about $350 up to about $3k.

Even if you opt to buy from somewhere else, you should still give this site a visit.

The owner of the company is Albert. I've spoken to him on the phone and he's very helpful.

From what I've read,,,,,,,,his entry level pre-amp beats out some of the Audio Research models HANDS DOWN!!!

Check out the site, and read the testimonials.

Good luck
I have bought used CJ tube pre (PV11) in 97 and amp (11a) in 98 and still appreciate they way they brought my Martin Logans to life. Also trouble free in operation.

Have Fun!
thanks everybody!