best pre amp to match with my equipment

I am trying to evaluate possible pre amp upgrades for my system.

I currently have the following equipment :
odyssey stratos
Selah RC3R speakers
discovery essential speaker cables
kimber silver cables
denon dp 500 table
benz micro glider
consonance opera ppm6 phono preamp
cairn fog V2.0 upsampling cd player
denon 3910 sacd/hdcd /dvd audio
rotel rcd 991 cd player

my budget is 1,000.00
I will need to match cables to amp , thought I would used a balanced cable to preamp.
I will need at least one balanced input and would like two if possible.
I feel the my needs for the selah speaker require the 150 watts per channel i curently use a outlaw receiver 100 watts per channel . the selah monitors need more power. the are not very efficient 85-87 db....
my listening room is only 10x13.
I have a sub . klipsch 12 inch.
So I will need a out put for my sub on the preamp also
I would like a remote but not a deal breaker.
I am debating weather to go tube or SS, or possible hybrid.

I listen to rock 60-70'S and jazz and blues.
I listen to a lot of vinyl .

At the top of my list is a used Audio Research LS2B MKII.

Any input would be helpful

Hey Ben,
Check out the Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE. It has two sets of balanced inputs and outputs. There is one on Audiogon now. Plenty of info out there.
It is a little over your budget but a good buy.