Best pre-amp of the three: Copland CT-305, BATVK-31SE. or PS Audio's PCA-2 ??

I am again retooling  my system back to separates. I would like some feedback and comments about the above three pre-amp from present or former owner ,or anyone. Obviously all are on sale USED on Audiogon  and the ads for each are running out of time.  In their order of expense: THE Copland's  is the most expensive,, BAT VK-31se, and  the PS Audio PCA-2 (which is under $1000)

 ******CORRECTION:  The BAT was selling on e-bay; The auction has expired, but the seller claims he will relist.      Thank you

BAT 31SE under 1k???.
Get his BAT.

Thank you for the tip about the BAT 31SE.   Did you ever hear one or own one to have an opinion about its performance. If so, can you provide a brief description of its overall sound quality. Top end smoothness and great musicality are two important priorities for me.

BTW, I bought a used almost mint BAT VK-200 amp. The deal was too good to turn down      Thanks  

I checked for BAT VK31SE pre-amp and could NOT find it on Audiogon  and e-bay.  BTW, the Copland was $1700, the BAT was approx. $1500. However, it was  the  PS Audio PCA-2  pre-amp (only) that was under $1000.  I am not sure the seller ever relisted, or if he did and sold it. 

I lost interest  in it over the last two weeks because I would have to add a remote, phone stage or amp and headphone box.  The BAT remote is ridiculously expensive at $500.  Thanks,  Jim

Jim, Yea, looking for a pre having the required XLR ins and outs, phonostage and headphone application really narrows the field. Now, finding one that compliments your new amp...Anyway, as I mentioned in your other thread use your Sphinx as a temporary pre fix allowing you the time needed to best position yourself on the used market. You might go either/or on the phono/headphone options. Personally I would prefer a separate phonostage. A used BAT pre would surly compliment your BAT amp. 

As I believe I mentioned in another of your threads, I am using a Jolida Fusion pre. Has the requires XLRs however no phonostage or headphone amp. Really barebones with selector and volume only. Very flexible on the inputs and outputs however. A very budget all tube pre at $1350 retail that I believe competes above that price. Mates well with my BEL 1001 MK V which I believe to be the single best piece in my system. Like you in your amp purchase, I happened to come across a deal I did not want to turn down.  My preamp choice was made under a budgetary constraint and was also purchased via a good deal.

As always, good luck in your search!