Best Pre-amp for Krell FPB600C

I just bought a Krell FPB 600C. What would be a good pre-amp to use with this unit. I am currently using a Krell kps30i CD player and a pair of B&W Matrix 801 series III. I like Krell amps because of its bass performance as I love jazz. My personally taste is a lush, warm sound but still have a bite! Please advise.
try a jadis. or a cj. maybe the bat would work well.
Sell the Cd player
Don't buy a pre-amp
Run either an Audio Aero or the Levinson 390 direct to the amp
Better yet find a Resolution Audio CD 55 and run direct
Would it be too obvious the suggest the Krell KCT running CAST? It is one of the best sounding preamps I've ever heard, it's warm yet open, detailed yet lush. I would definately recommend that you give it a listen.
Try a pass labs x-1