Best Pre-Amp for Classe CAP-150?

I have a Classe CAP-150 integrated amplifier. This amp has a button that separates the pre-amp and amp sections so you can bi-amp or upgrade to a separate preamplifier. Is anyone out there experienced with this Classe integrated and matching it with separate preamps? Anyone with experience in matching other Classe amps with preamps? Thanks.
While I cannot answer your question directly not having personally owned Classe prodcuts I am familiar with them as they are a great product at their price points here in Canada. IMHO I have found the classe amps to be "warmish" in nature vs say Bryston amps. A Bryston pre amp would offer you an extremely low noise floor and no additional warmth (some call it coloration...). It should change the sonic signature somewhat removing the Classe pre out of the mix. Two others but pricy would be Sim Audio and YBA. More tube like than alot of other SS pre amps. Just my 2 cents worth. Good luck.
I have a Classe 30 pre and a pair of CA100's. Everyone that I've spoken with reccomends Audio Research pre's. Till I can swing one, I stuck an X10-D (that I had laying around) between my pre and power amps. It made the base tighten up and the sound warmer.
Go to sound advice chat and see "am I def". The last post was 6/11/00 the last time I checked. You really need to read this.