Best Pre-amp for Bryston 4BST

The topic speaks for itself. As well, would it be better to seek tube versus solid state preamps for the Bryston's. I have KEF Q65 and Music Hall CD25. Again, I lean on your advice.
Hi D

If you don't want to mix and match, Bryston's own BP20 preamp is a safe match for the 4B, if maybe a bit solid-state sounding. If you choose a tube preamp, you generally get a more liquid sound, which goes well with the 4B. You may get some roll-off in the lowest bass, depending on which tube preamp you get. With the Kef Q65 and the 4B this may not be a significant factor.(I have not heard this speaker before, just read a review) I use a Golden Tube SEP-3 tube preamp with a pair of Bryston 7BST's and find them a great match in terms of musicality and resolution. I did have to play around with cabling, though, FWIW.

Good Luck

I personally think that Brystons would be much improved by a tube preamp although I haven't heard them that way before. I am going to guess at your price range from the equipment you mention. If you want SS but with some liquidity and 3Dness too, I would suggest a Classe preamp like the CP50 or McIntosh C712. If you want tube preamp for sure, check out the BAT VK-3i. I think all of these would compliment a 4BST very well. Good luck! Arthur
There's no magic bullett and it all boils down to a matter of taste. The Bryston is a nice amp, and it'll sound pretty good with whatever decent preamp you put in front of it. For years, I ran a VTL TL 2.5 in front of mine, then switched to a Rogue 99 Magnum, and now am using a Plinius CD-LAD. (Tube, Tube, Solid State, for those keeping track). Still own all three, still using the Plinius. Considering all of the other factors, I like the sound of the Plinius best in my room with my system. Does that mean it's the one for you? Maybe, but probably not. As for the usual reflex of folks to suggest using a tubed preamp, well, it's a really good instinct, but hardly the gospel truth it's often taken for around these parts. Initially, with Thiel and Bryston, I thought that the tubed preamp would be a great idea to lend a little more musicality to a combo that tended to lean a little towards the analytical, if anything. And it was. Then I switched to a Meridian CDP, which is ineffably smooth and warm, if anything, and I found that I had gone too far. The Plinius, plus some fairly aggressive isolation treatment, managed to preserve the warmth I had come to love while adding back in a lot of zing, much greater low-end control and definition, and noticably better resolution and micro-dynamics compared to either the Rogue or the VTL. My path (and thoughts) up until now. Best of luck with yours.
Have to agree with the above.I have only used a Counterpoint pre with the 4B and 4BST and was quite happy.Like yourself I wish I could of changed out more units,but....I also had a Bryston pre and thought the all Bryston combo alittle too bright comparativly[sp] speaking,good luck,Bob
I would suggest a Tube Pre-Amp as well. I think you will get better results. The Bryston combos I have heard have sounded very mechanical and somewhat forward.

For nearly a year I had a Bryston BP-25 mated to a 4bst.Never seemed to gel. Was way too bright despite some expensive and sweet sounding cables ie Cardas Golden Cross.Replaced the Bryston pre with an ancient ARC 2LSB(tube)and voila there was magic in the air. Subsequently replaced the 2LSB with the highly rated ARC SP16. Also replaced the 4BST with a 14BST.I love the tube/SS combo.It gives me much of what I want but ultimately its your ears alone that should be the arbiter of what you buy. Demo some pre amps at home if you can coz INMHO thats the only way to go.
My 2bit worth. Best of luck.
A dealer talked me into a Bryston 4B-ST / ARC LS-3 preamp combo, saying that the synergy was particularly good.

Now, ten years and many different (and much more expensive) systems later, I can say that he was right. Particularly when used with good cabling, the 4B-ST / LS-3 combo was ridiculously good for the money. While I sold the Bryston long ago, the LS-3 still anchors my second system.

PS - The LS-3 is solid-state.
I own the 4Bst and have used 4 different preamps. Three were tube based and one SS. Tubes compliment Bryston's power and dynamics by adding that tube charm--liquid midrange and sonic decay . You will be amazed at how tubes can transform your systems overall sound. I currently use a Cary SLP98 and find this combo a great match.

good luck
I have the 4bsst and used the BP-20 with it and loved it. The bass was impactful, and there was a ton of detail. I recently changed to the SAS audio 10-A and am amazed at the synergy and musicality. The 10-a retains the detail but adds a realism that is wonderful. Both pre's are great