Best pre-amp for beginner's NAD 2200??

This will be my first real amp (ebay). I am going to use my HK AVR 20 as a pre-amp until i get whatever is recommended here. I will be powering my I.Q. TED 400s. Cable is Superflex.
Hi Five.

NAD 1155, if you can find a used one. This was the matching pre for the 2200 amp. See:

Otherwise, the current NAD pre, the C162.
I bought that amp, pre, and tuner in 87 and used them for 20 years. The 1155 has a very good phono stage and useful controls. I still miss my mono switch. :-(

I have the manuals and reviews that dealers handed out at the time for these units and would be happy to send you scans of them.

Feel free to contact me if I can help.

How about the NAD 1130? there's one for sale locally that looks really clean.