Best pre-amp/amp combo for Maggie MMGs?

Getting some used MMGs. Wondering what preamps and amps people are using together with the MMGs. Any suggestions on subwoofers would be appreciated too.

I have to start with either (or both) Aragon 4004 and Parasound HCA 800 power amps. Was thinking a tube line stage would be nice or maybe even the Shanling MC-30 would work well (with power amp) Thank you in advance for your input.
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I have AES Six Pacs with a Cary SLP-98, that works well for me with my MMGs. It sounds like you are on the right track with the gear you are looking at. I use a stereo pair of HSU 10 inch subs, way better than my Velodyne HGS 12. You are on the right track.

Thanx, Russ
I'm using a Forte F-40 (Vintage Audio modification) and I am very pleased with it. But the preamp has a dramatic effect on the sound. You need to give us more an idea of your tastes and listening room so that we can provide useful suggestions.
Tube pre./Might want to sell those OK amps and get a Bryston. and old Bryton SST either 3 or 4 (latter is if you ever get bigger Maggies) but Bryston and Maggie is the classic match (as per Maggie owners son and everybody else I talked to with few exceptions).Audible Illuisons 3A is great but am thinking myself about used battery powered tube Dodd.Tube warmth and dead quiet.
I have some MMG's and 1.6's. Both LOVE the Emotiva xpa-2, and XPA-5 amps. I had a Bryston sst, and sold it. I couldnt hear much difference, and it only makes since to go all budget with MMG's. Id upgrade speakers before I'd buy a $2k+ Bryston SST amp.
The litle Maggies will gulp more amp juice than you might expect. My room is quite large and when SPL goes up, I'm pretty deeply into my amp's output. Although I use subs which limit the bottom end (and associated amp requirements) of the MMGs, I still find that my 122wpc ARC VT130SE is running a bit closer to full out than I would like. My take:

More power is better.

Good Luck

I started with an HCA-800II and Bottlehead Foreplay on my MMGs and they sounded pretty good. Got an Aragon 2004 II and they sounded better, then upgraded to MG12s. Got a CJ PV10BL and the MG12s sounded better yet. Recently got an Aragon 4004 II and I am really happy with how it sounds. I think you would be just fine with the Aragon and a tube preamp.