Best PRaT CD Player for $600 or less ??

What would be the best CD player new or used having
the best Pace Rhythm and Timing? I see a Linn Mimik
forsale that looks interesting. Anything New or Used
I should consider for $600 or less?

I've owned the Mimik before. It's a good player, but I don't know about PRAT. Definitely try to audition a Rotel 1072. I was sceptical at first, but not anymore. It may be a mid fi company, but this is one sweet player.
The Shanling CD-S100 (marketed in the U.S. as the Music Hall CD-25) has the characteristics you are looking for at the price you want to pay.

My recollection of the Mimik is not stellar. I think you would be much happier with a CD-25, and it can be upgraded.
One point you should consider with the Mimik--the last I heard, Linn has discontinued service support (at least for some sorts of repairs) on its older CD players. I think this includes the Mimik--and if doesn't, it probably will in time. (Of course, servicing an older CD player may not be worth it--but I myself like to keep as many options open as possible.)

I heard the Mimik once. It's not a bad CD player, as I recall, but I didn't think it was a big enough improvement over a cheaper Rotel to justify the price. More to the point, my somewhat fuzzy memories suggest that it may not have the pace, rhythm, and timing that you're looking for.

One other possibility that MIGHT work is an older Naim player. I think I've seen these go for about what you're interested in spending. I haven't heard a Naim CD player, but given the nature of the company's products, I'd guess there's a good chance that they'd have what you're looking for. The one major hitch may be, again, service (although I've heard good things about Naim.) Then, some say that Naim CD players only work well in all-Naim systems.
If you want to pay $150-200 more , I would say the best I have heard is Sony XA7ES, 35 lbs Class A player, stunning. Also after you have it for awhile and you fall in love with it. Get someone to change the power cord outlet IEC unit. Then add a Harmonix Master power cord, it will double its performance.
This player has amazing PRAT and is the best $$$ per pound. read in the forums.
shengya s10- or the us version called kavent-
great build , class a output
There is a Talk Electronics Thunder 1 just listed here on Audiogon for $399. Might be something you would be interested in checking out.
I cannot believe that no one listed the Rega Planet or the newer 2000 model. Musicality courtesy of Roy Gandy-the PRAT God! Listening to these players just gets your toes tapping.
Another vote for the Rega Planet (original): I tried "upgrading" to a Linn Genki and sold the Genki again. The Rega is much better in terms of PRaT and pulls you more into the music.