Best Powercord - SIZE Matters along with price ???

All you cables guys out there!
Trying to upgrade my amplifiers main powercord, tube amp that does not have IEC.
I love the Audience Powercords but they are too thick for this application so I am looking for a powercord thats slim or small in diameter but sounds super relaxed and detailed.

The size of the Nordost Powercords are excellent, Vishnu, Brahma and some others, any feedback on this.
Even any powercords in bulk that you believe is great, do let me know.....



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I can also attest to the Locus Design Schurter in-line iec adapter. It really makes it much easier to try out a variety of power cords. I can also 2nd Jayctoy's recommendation for the new DCCA power cords. I have just ordered two of the basic Extreme model( $189.00) retail and I am amazed at how good they are(I'm a long-time power cord nut). The dynamics, transparency, neutrality, and soundstage rival or exceed name brand power cords that cost $1000.00 and more. Watch out for this company. The designer and owner Don has a real "sleeper" on his hands. Good luck.