Best Powercord - SIZE Matters along with price ???

All you cables guys out there!
Trying to upgrade my amplifiers main powercord, tube amp that does not have IEC.
I love the Audience Powercords but they are too thick for this application so I am looking for a powercord thats slim or small in diameter but sounds super relaxed and detailed.

The size of the Nordost Powercords are excellent, Vishnu, Brahma and some others, any feedback on this.
Even any powercords in bulk that you believe is great, do let me know.....



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If possible have a qualified person install an IEC outlet if there is room to do so. You could always use a captured cord converter sold by the locus design group that advertizes on Audiogon. Lee is very nice and easy to deal with. The "converter" only uses 3-4 inches of your captured cord and has an IEC end that will accept any 15 amp PC.