Best powercord for less than $300retail?

In your opinion, what's the best powercord for $300.00 or less, RETAIL? I've got the Transparent PowerLink+ (about $150) and the Clayton Powercord ($300). Both seem to be good values for the money. Any comments on your experience and any comparisons if you've used either of the above, will be appreciated. Thanks and good listening!
Have you seen the current Audiogon auction for STEALTH HAC power cords? I have three in my system, following Classe and Cardas power cords, and, especially after adding a dedicated ground (10 gauge, don't go lower), they improved my sound a lot. The auction blurb goes into the technology that makes them superior. And they're affordable.
I have 5 in my 25k system and am very pleased.I audition many cords and alot of gear in my system with a few audio buddies and these cords are a very nice upgrade.Read the feedback.They are a giveaway for what they doeven at retail and hold up to much costlier power cords.Bid for them here ,in the auction section of power cords.Happy hunting.
I haven't tried the power cords you listed. But for reviews of others see the posts in the "Power cords Essence-Synerg-Ensemble" thread. In the $150-$300 price range I tried cords from Marigo Audio Labs, MIT, Ensemble, Custom Power Cord Company, and Interlink. The Custom Power Cord Company Model 11 was the best in my system. Yes, better than the Stealth HAC. But, as many others have pointed out, cables are system dependent. I encourage you to take these recommendations and try them out in your system *before* buying.