Best powercables for Martin Logan 15A speakers

Looking for feedback for powercables for M.L
I was not able to get a close up of the male IEC on the back of the speaker. I think you have to be careful because I can't tell if all power cords will fit it or if you need a specific shaped female IEC at the end of the power cord. I say this because my Von Schweikert DB 99 speakers required a specific shaped female IEC to fit into the back of the speaker. None of the power cords I had at the time would fit into the recessed opening. 

My ML Aerius accepts standard (female) IEC plug. You can try different power cords but I have been told the MLs, at least the ones without powered woofers, do not respond to changes in power cords. Keep us posted on what you fid out. 

I had SL3s for a number of years. I could never hear a difference between power cords. I did have a problem with the large heavy power cords slowly coming loose. In the end I just used the original cords. If I still had my SL3s today, I might try the Shunyata Venom that are the same size and shape as the standard power cords.

Use anything that's well made at a reasonable price. High end power cords won't have any impact on sound quality. 
I agree with mgreen27. Power cords have little potential to make a difference unless there is a fault with the current cords. Remember the power has traveled many many miles through all sorts of electrical cables and the expectation that the last meter of cable is going to change or improve it seems unlikely to me from an engineering point of view.
I just use some generic 1 meter 14 AWG cables for my Montis.   My outlets are close to the speakers, so no need for any excess cable length.   If you are plugging directly into a wall outlet, no need for anything else.
The stock ones.  Unless your pet rabbit chewed them up, you need to just enjoy the speakers because a power cable will do zero.

Period.  Enjoy the music, or get a new pair of speakers if you can't.
When I own Quest Martin Logan Kimbers and MIT z cord the white one, did improve the sound a lot, it flesh out more music....I don't remember the kimber model but pk 14 might do it, try Pangea ac14 as well they are good cables...

Ok, I will be the odd man out. Power cords WILL make a difference on your crossover and class D amps in your [expensive] speakers.

I would not go TOO crazy, but you really should demo a variety of cords less than $250/ea. Maybe start with Pangea (Audio Advisor), Cullen Cable, Signal Cable, VH Audio, TG Audio, etc.

Then decide for yourself if the improvement is worth the additional cost. 

Well for all the doughters or no it alls yes power cords on my 15a's really do make a big difference. I was able to use two of my Audioquest wild blue yonder cables since moving the system to its new location. Gone is the sense of electronic glare that was present. Things sound more natural and the bass dropped down an octave along with better definition. 
  I have never used aftermarket power cords and so have no opinion about them. I have a pair of ML Summit X's and am using the power cords that came with them. The speakers sound great