Best Powercable for Audio Research 600

someone can suggest me the best (or quite the best...) ac cables for my monos?
Currently I use mit signal and power cable (oracle series) everywhere, but I have not experience with "ac" cables from mit.
The preamp is a cJ act 2, the loudspeakers are avalon eidolon diamond.
Thank u very much!!!!
I highley recommend the Andromeda power cords from Marigo Audio. They come in two different "tunings" depending on the power supply they are connected to. Ron Hedrich will send you one of each for a 30 day in home audition. They retail for $2000. My system is outfitted with these, and they are the equivalent to component upgrades. Black background with awesome dynamics. Very organic presentation.
Avalon Eidolon powered by ARC Ref 600's? This has got to sound incredible, I have experience with both products and they are on my "top" list of components, sound wise.

Are you looking for change, just for change? Or do you have issues with the sound?

I ask because MIT cables definitely have bass "from hell," and a good choice to flush out the bottom end of the Avalon's but wonder if they are right for the high frequencies considering the other components.
Thank you for response.
I mean I already use stock ac cables... and MIT oracle for signal and Mit 850 for speakers.
The sound is very good, but I wonder what happened if replacing the poor looking stock ac cables...
and there are many typs of models in the mit program....
from z to oracle. Is it worth to invest a lot of money in ac cables?
Thank you very much, guys...
i have tried most of the 'best' ..and unfortunately,sometimes,expensive,powercords out there and believe that the jps 'aluminata' pc is one of the best available...the 'cable company' shouyld be able to loan you a demo to try..i did and now have 5 of them...
Stay with the MIT oracle Ac cables,as with your signal and speaker cables, there are none better.I am sure a dealer will let you audition the Oracle Ac cables, then you can decide for yourself.
thank you very much... I will inform you asap about