Best poweramp $2-4K matched with Cary SLP-98

I just bought a Cary SLP-98 and am looking for a power amp in the range of $2-4K for this Cary preamp. My system includes Meredian G08 and ProAC Ref8 signature. I enjoy listening to the Jazz music. I did some research in the audiogon discussion threads and mostly the threads talked about the tube rolling and rarely mentioned about the amp used. Please share your experiences of your amp with the SLP-98. Thanks.
In the high end of your budget I would look for a mcCormack DNA-500.
I am using a Cary v12i with the SLP-98 and the synergy is awesome! Wonderful timbre & soundstaging - very musical. Should be a nice match with the Proacs if you're not a headbanger.
Second the V12i, that is what I used with mine. Cary V12R or even the AES 6 packs would work too.

From the solid state side I used a TRL D-225. You'll need to trim the gain knobs on the SLP-98 down though as this amp is very high gain.
I bought a new Cary SLP98P in Feb. I had it hooked to a McIntosh 7270 SS amp and it sounded great. I sold the amp (after 17 years) and bought a Cary V12R amp with Ruby tubes. The results are excellent. Buy one, even if you send it to Cary for a check up, you will be very happy with the results. I have listened to and can afford amps that cost 10 times the money, but there is really little to no difference in sound. Make sure your speakers put out a sound pressure level of 88-105 range. Good luck
Well I'll make it almost unanimous, I have a Cary V12 which I paired with A 98L and it made beautiful music.There is no substitute for synergy with like products.Having said that,I did find a pre amp that aced the 98L so I replaced it.Still have the V12.
Thanks everyone. It seems like Cary V12 series is a great candidate and worth listening. I will try my best to audition this amp with SLP-98 before I make any conclusion. Is there any thought or comment from Audiogoners on the SS amp?
i foudn the V12 a bit too euphonic matched with the SLP98 when i owned both. i think you should do one or the other
Innersound ESL 300 (older version). I have used with Maggies and a Cary before. It was a great combo.