Best power tube for Rogue Audio M120 Magnum

My Sovtek Kt88 are starting to go,anyone have good results with Electro Harmonix kt88eh or JJ Tesla kt88 or shuguang?
Liked the sound from the Sovteks,smooth and balanced top to bottom,but maybe time for a difference.Thanks,ludimagis
I use the new style EH KT 88 with my VAC PA100/100. They replaced a set of Valve Art and the stock tubes that came with the amp (Golden Dragon probably). The EH are vastly superior to the other brands I had. Much smoother top to bottom,. Deeper bottom too. They're aren't too expensive either so worth a try. You can always sell them if you don't like them.
I bought a quad of EH KT-88`s for my Rogue Eighty-Eight. I agree with Eddaytona's comments. A great tube for the money.
Try Tung-sol 6550 tubes .It sound better than KT-88. I switch from stock KT 88 to Tung-sol 6550 and keept it. Thanks.
All personal opinions. Be carefull on your choice.
Scott, ABSOLUTELY these are all personal opinions, but that's what ludi asked for.

Issue 19 of 'Vacuum Tube Valley' ( ) found the Ei KT90 to be, overall, the best current-production 6550/'88/'90. You might order that issue and LEARN a lot.
Thanks for responding,ended up purchasing the KT-90EH,described as being a little more dynamic than the Kt-88's.Good Listening!
In my Jadis and Granite amps, the Ei KT90 definitely made the best power and bass. Was probably the most "neutral" as well. And, the 6 years of heavy use on them proved them to be more than reliable.

However, the JJ E34L and KT88 proved far better sonically to my ears. The E34L really got the midrange right, while the KT88 did that, along with adding a good bit more power, along with an intoxicating (to me) midbass bump. I loved the fat sound.

To each, his own...