Best power solution for Plinius 9200

I just purchased a new Plinius 9200 integrated amp from Kelly high end audio and I really love it. Now I am trying to figure out what the best power solution is for this piece of equipment. I am currently plugging it directly into the wall with the stock cord. My goal is get the cleanest most musical sound with the blackest background.

I am currently using it to drive a pair of revel F32s and Thiel 3.6s but may switch to the Usher BE-718s soon in the pursuit of better female vocals and truer violins. The current source is an APL Phillips 1000 and I have a RAM Transporter on the way.

Please let me know what has worked best for you with the 9200.


Montana Rane
I owned a 9200 and used a hydra 8 with great success. Nice black backgrounds. Soundstage depth and width opened up. If you are just wanting power conditioning for the 9200 only, Try a hydra 2, its alot cheaper.
When I had the Plinius 9200 it seemed to work well with the Hydra 4 I also had.
When I had a Plinius 8200 MKll I ran a dedicated 10 gauge grounded circuit from the house fuse box to a quality outlet and used a Signal Cable power cable. The difference was phenomenal. No power conditioner, just a happily fed amp that delivered a great sound. Everything improved- low end, mids and highs, and the soundstage bloomed.
Try the Lessloss PC. In my 9200 it edged out the Anaconda Helix Alpha. Effect was to increase resolution, extension and balance of the amp. It also gives it a bit more sparkle w/c is welcome since the 9200 has a tendency to be too laid back. The Anaconda PC was superior over the Lessloss on an Accuphase CDP. HTH.