Best power for system?

I am currently auditioning the Shunyata Hyrdra and need some advice/thoughts. When I plugged the EVo amp and Linn CDP (after runnin a fan on hydra for a day) the sound was good, seemed a little polite, but at least the high frequency edge was gone. Yesterday I accidentally plugged the EVo into the wall and also while experimenting put my room tunes back in the corners behind my Newform Research R645 speakers. WOW the soundstage filled the room and was the best sound I have ever heard. The only problem was the high frequency edge came back (but not as bad). The Hydra must have been limiting the EVo somehow. But I think the Hydra is filtering the A/C to my other outlet somehow. Here is what I am considering.

1. keep Hydra, plug EVo into the wall with a Top Gun cord to help the edginess. ($2250)

2. buy a Viper for the CD which should also filter the A/C and use a Top Gun on the EVo. ($1350)

3. buy a Blue Circle Noise hound for the edginess on the highs and keep the Hydra ($2050)

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated
Sell the Hydra, buy a Viper with a 10 disk changer, change the stock filter to a K&N, buy the soundtrack for "Top Gun". I think that otta do it. Any questions?
Please don't pay any attention to Biz. We are having some problems getting him to play nice. It's nothing personal to you. Just hang tight, and hopefully, you get some meaningful insight and advice. Good luck and welcome!
Angie,baby/It was about the humor;not the advice,I'm still laughing. Sorry, I know it wasn't my question.If it were, I'd have 200 of my closest friends go over to his house and kick his butt, plus, his dogs butt,steal his speakers and substitute Bose's finest! Isn't the anonymity of the net wonderful? ASPCA Notice: no animals were harmed in the preparation of this post;nor does the author advocate any such behavior.