Best power for 10,000

Fellow Audiogoners,

I am in need of your help. I require your suggestions for the best high resolution pre/power amplifier I can get for $10,000. Integrated amps and pre/power combos, new or used are all O.K. with me. I like detail, but not harshness, excessive midrange bloom or loose, baggy bass. Overall, I want neutral, precise sound from top to bottom. So far the best I have heard is the Linn Klimax twin power amp, but at $9000, there isn't much left in the budget for a preamp. Associated equipment will be a Sony XA-777ES SACD player, possibly with a Chord DAC 64, Wilson Benesch ACT One speakers and Kimber Select cables. Plans are for a CD 12 at some point.

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Used pass labs X600 monoblocks or new X350. There are a couple of pair available on this site.

If you like the Klimax get an Adcom GFP-750 until the exchequer recovers. Then, listen again, you may not want to get rid of it. They're available under a grand here.
If your system, is CD based, why not skip, the pre, altogether. There are passive attenuators available, that will let you control, the volume. This will allow you, to get the amp, you like best, and listen to the best pre amp, of all, no pre amp.
Are you close to a Pass dealer? Check out an X250 & an X series pre-amp. I don't think the Wilson Benesch speakers you have need more power than that. I've heard they're very well made but bass-shy. A local here in Phoenix tried the Linn Klimax monoblocs & the latest Rowland monoblocs - neither got those speakers to give the bass he wanted. You might want to add a musical sub like a REL or a Bag End..
Hi Thsalmon - Danielk141 is right. The WB's don't require much more than 200 or 250 watts. They can be bass shy with low power amps but like I said, 200 - 250 solid state amps really drive the WB's to a level where a great majority of the bass is NOT an issue. Of course a REL would help no matter what.

I am curious to know how you are connecting your speaker cables. Tri-wire? jumpers? Factory plates?

I have used Electrocompaniet, PASS, Chord, McIntosh, Cary, Krell, Accuphase and Plinius with these speakers.. but my favorite thus far has been LAMM M1.1's.

In all honesty - the WB's are very neutral and while every amp has its unique character, a WB system seems to benefit more from a good preamp and cabling. I really hate to say but amps can be secondary to a fantastic TUBE preamp.

Ask around about Supratek Cortese or Syrah preamps.

The XA777ES is good - gets better with age and can be modified to have tube output and power supply - but I am sure you already know that. The CD12 would be the holy grail for your system and would be utterly magnificent with a Supratek Cortese, LAMM M1.1's and the cables of your choice... See you've gotta play with interconnects. KS is good but there might be better matches available as your system evolves.
Danielk141 has it right on the nose. I own Pass products and they are great. The 250 makes good speaker sound better.
BATVK500 solid state amp and a VK50SE tube preamp, bought used here on the 'Gon. If I had $10k to spend, I wouldn't hesitate
No doubt here----Lamm1.1 monoblocks (used of course)
If you've got $9000 for Klimax all you should do is spend another $1000 for Placette passive preamp.
The cost of a used Krell KRC-HR plus an FPB amp (the 600 or a pair of 350M's) should fit just into your budget.

Have fun!

The new Aloi 1501 inductive has double the power of the 1301. If you want smooth dynamic sound with bass authority you need to audition these. I think the price is around $5500. I liked the sound better than the Pass 350,Wolcott, and the Cary 200 with the Piega 10's
Tsalmon: Even @ $10k, the type of music you listen to PRIMARILY (and hence, judge by) could be the decisive factor in choosing the amp.
If classical, Pass (BUT see Bwhite above), YBA Passion, Symphonic Line (the big Kraftquelle integrated) for ss, Lamm, Tenor, Atmasphere, KR, for tubes.
Caveat: some of the above is based on extrapolation (sorry!), I have only listened to your speakers with the Symphonic Line and the Passion combo.

Bwhite and others have your speakers & can help with their experience -- but Marakanetz makes a meaningful point!
How about the new BAT integrated amp? It sounds very good and it is modular to increase power for even home theater apps. Even still I think it is 150 wpc and less than 5 grand new.
Hey Thsalmon,

Everyone has neglected to mention the Plinius SA-250 MkIV, 250 watts of very slightly laid back but sweet sound. More than capable of driving any spkr. And some of the best bass control and slam out there. Check it out.....John
Linar Audio 250. This unit is made by Victor Sima from SimAudio. He claims that this is his best amp to date. If you go the you can read and see the quality of this amp. It will out perform amps costing 3 to 4 times their price. Detail, air, bass, decay. If you audition one, you will be stunned!
The Pass Labs X600 is absolutely the best power amplifier ever made. Its ability to provide detail, definition, explosive impact, but still provide dark quietness, warmth, smoothness, (without the harshness of a Krell) is unsurpassed. Tony Cordesman (a reviewer for Absolute Sound Magazine uses a pair in his reference system.

Lucius Morris, Dynamic Sound Audio
THE BEST EVER MADE??????????????????????????????

That is quite a bold statement! Have you heard the Krell Master Reference at $120,000, etc, etc, etc? I think many if not most people would argue with your statement. I even think you would, had you heard everything out there.

DMA- 360 dual mono amplifers from Spectral; used around
Hi Guys!

I have been enjoying your conversation, however it makes me feel alienated. Is Mark Levinson a thing of the Northeast? I think (know)they are great. I listen from classical to Graham Parker. Mark Levinson is where I would invest my money and my audibility.

Mark Levinson is good for "those of us who know we are above the rest" (in hifi).
McIntosh is good for the "nostalgic"
Krell is good for the "nouveaux riches"
The rest compares themselves to the above to achieve legitimacy.

Ludoe, there are better sounding amps out there than the Pass 600s doing the comparisons using Avalon Osiris and Sound Lab Ultimate One speakers....
Bwhite gets it dead on at this price point.
If you are looking for pure music reproduction, well...
I've listened to the new Linar 250i amp with the new linar preamp and i can tell that they both are a must to consider when searching for very top quality gear.
They cost $10750can. (US$7690) together and they can easily
be compared to much more expensive gears.
I bought the Linar 150 in 4 channels configuration
with the preamp in order to bi-amp my BESL S5 full range speakers that i'm presently building.
The 150 is presently used on some small french "Pierre Étienne Léon" monitors and using a DVP-S9000es and the sound and stereo image is incredible, the quietness in the background of the music is first class, i even enjoy my cheep $100 Kenwood digital tuner now with this amp and preamp !
I've replaced a good Copland CSA-28 hybrid integrated amp
and the Linar have much more life in the sound, much more powerfull and the pleasure to listen to music is increased
a big step up. I had first class service from the Linar team
Run, don't walk, to listen to the Edge NL-10. You can find one used (rarely, but it happens) for around 6k. I owned Pass X250 immediately before it, and think it would be a good choice as well. Both are un-harsh, powerful, and extremely well-made.