Best Power cords for Clayton M300 & Bob Carver 305

Hi All.

Looking for suggestion on best types of power cords that can match 2 different types of Amps.

I have the following:

Clayton Audio M300 Mono Blocks and the Bob Carver Black Beauty.

I been researching into Triode Wire Labs, Lessloss budget is approx 500 dollars per cord.
1. 1 Schurter 10 amp IEC - $5
2. 1 Hubbell 15a 3 prong plug - $5
3. 6 feet of Black, Green and White 14g THHN 600v Building Wire - ~$0.30 /foot = $1.80
4. 6 feet of clear braided garden hose - ~$0.50/foot = $3
5. ~1 pound of ferrous metal powder - can't find a price, I'm sure it's dirt cheap
6. a stick of hot glue - the Hubbell connector had a hole drilled in it and was filled with hot glue, the female end was just glued to the hose.
7. Approx. 6 inches of electrical tape
8. Large size heatshrink
9. Techflex
You really should look at the offerings from Synergistic Research. I have used pretty much all of their power cords with excellent results.
It is interesting that you have the same Clayton M300 amps that I do and also the Carver Black Beauties that I was looking hard at a few months ago. I would really like to hear your take on the similarities/differences between the two sets of amps sometime.

On the Claytons, I am using 1M long DIY power cords made with Furutech FP-Alpha cable (search at Partsconnexion and on Furutech's website) and Oyaide P-079/C-079 connectors. They run directly from two dedicated 20A outlets and everything works and sounds fine. If I were doing it again, I would also consider Acrolink 7N-P4030 or Neotech NEP-3001 bulk power cable, and I wouldn't hesitate to use the Furutech FI-25 plug and IEC in gold, which I consider to be the equal of the Oyaide.

If you purchase something already made, get something with good copper in at least 12awg. Plated connectors (my preference is gold) would be nice, especially if your outlet is upgraded and plated. FWIW, Isoclean makes nice cords and I have one running to my conditioner. If I were purchasing something inexpensive, I would try the Pangea AC-9SE cords.
I can't speak for the Carver 305 but I also own and love the Clayton M300. Currently using the 2nd best power cable I've ever heard the HiDiamond P3. I was so impressed with the P3 I have rewired most of my system with HiDiamond cables.
The process they use is unique in the cable industy and the results I believe are the most honest and natural sounding cables made.I hate To use the term sounding cables, because what makes the HiDiamonds special is they get out of the way and allow you to hear more fully the potential of your gear.So they have less of a sound of thier own. If you should have a interest in the P3 let me know as I have 2 P4 coming (that is thier new and 3 times as expensive power cable) so I will have a couple of P3 available for sale in a week or so.
Also if you could find some PS audio ac12 at a really good price they work well with the M300. Not up to what the HI Diamonds do ,but thier ok.

Both are top class Amplifier, The Bobs Sound wanderful only if mated with a very good pre-amp. They have a slight darker tone to them with a jet black background i find them very quiet compared to my past tubes amps. I think its going to be a keeper for me. I have no reason to sell them. The Clayton Audio is another keeper. No complaints about these amps either in any way whatsoever. The only gripe is they use XLR as input i would have liked more flexibility but its not an big issue.
I used DH Labs Power Plus with my M-300's when I had them.
I just purchased a pair of the Carver 305 KT-120 tube monoblocks are so far I am extremely impressed with them. A friend brought over his new Triode Wire Labs American 7 power cords and we replaced the Pangea's that I had been using; astonishing improvement! I am purchasing two for the 305's. Bass was immediately noticeably better, more dynamic and extended, midrange and top end clarity was improved as was soundstage width and depth. Everything sounded bigger, more refined, and just most muscial. Here is the link:

Highly recommend.